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Here’s how you can win an instant in-store prize:

• Buy two boxes of Kellogg’s participant* products
• Show the promoter your proof of purchase
• Win instant prizes!

If you miss the promoter just bring your receipt to BGA, 1 Mill Creek, to redeem your prize.

© 2016 Kellogg’s Caribbean
*Participating products: Variety of cereals: Frosted Flakes® 7.2 oz and 9 oz., Froot Loops® 8.7 oz., Corn Pops® 12.2 oz, 9.2 oz, 12.5 oz.

Each proof of purchase is valid for one participation. Prizes valid only during promotional visits in stores, while supplies last. At least 10 prizes per store. Promotion valid from August 8, 2016 to September 30, 2016.