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Welchs Monthly March 2015-prodshadWelch’s, the producers of the world’s best-known grape juice, are based in Concord Massachusetts and have been a growing concern since 1869. We’re featuring Welch’s Concord Grape Juice and Niagara White Grape Juice for their impressive health benefits and unmistakable, bold flavour.

What makes these grapes so special, is the nutritional punch they pack. The wealth of plant nutrients and antioxidants in these juices helps maintain health, and there is no added sugar, colour or flavour. That’s why Welch’s Grape Juice tastes so good!

Welchs MonthlyJune 2016 Salsa recipeGreat for dipping chips or an accompaniment for chicken or fish.

Serves: 4    Prep Time: 15 min    Total Time: 15 min

1 medium navel orange, peeled and cut into ½-inch pieces
8 oz. seedless red grapes, stemmed and cut into quarters
½ cup chopped red pepper
¼ cup chopped cilantro
¼ cup chopped green onions
1 tbsp minced jalapenos (optional)
½ cup Welch’s 100% Grape Juice
About 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
One 8 oz. bag baked tortilla chips

1. In a medium bowl, mix the orange, grapes, red pepper, cilantro, green onions and jalapenos if using. Stir in the grape juice and lime juice. Taste and adjust the seasoning with more lime juice if needed.
2. Serve immediately with tortilla chips.

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