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From author Jane Maynard – contributor on She is the writer and founder of the food blog This Week for Dinner and editor of

– Lime Sherbet
– Vanilla ice cream or Pineapple sherbet
– Red or Pink coloured sherbet
– Mini chocolate chips, or substitute for healthier blueberries

1. For each flavour, let the sherbet/ice cream soften for a few minutes before using. The red sherbet should be mixed with the mini chocolate chips.
2. Use a round springform pan. Line the bottom of the pan with wax paper or parchment paper if you plan to transfer the entire “pie” to another dish before serving.
3. Starting with lime, spread a ring of sherbet around the edge of the springform pan – about 2 inches high (or taller if you want!), and about 1-1½ inches wide from the outside edge of the pan.
4. Put pan in freezer to harden lime layer.
5. Repeat step 3 with the vanilla or pineapple sherbet, but make the layer much thinner – maybe 1/2 inch. Use a butter knife to flatten the top, evening-out the lime with the vanilla. Put pan in freezer to harden again.
6. Repeat step 3 with the red/chocolate chip sherbet. Fill the rest of the pan, then use a butter knife to flatten the top. Freeze!
7. When it’s time to eat, run a knife around the edge of the pan before popping off the outside of the springform pan. Use a nice thin-blade knife to slice.

Here’s a tip from the author: serve watermelon pie on paper plates. Unlike regular china, porcelain or glass plates, watermelon pie hardly melts on paper plates preserving the cute watermelon slice appearance!