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bixby-bars-monthly-oct-2016-varietiesThe advancement of the healthful-yet-scrumptious snack bar continues, and surely the leader of the pack is Bixby & Co.

Bixby base their product on organic and natural food sources and a commitment to taking the road less traveled.

This is a whole food producer taking the wellbeing and sustainability of the environment seriously.

Bixby Bars are delicious natural artisanal chocolate and fruit snacks.

We’re featuring three delicious varieties of Vegan Bixby Bars:

Heart’s Delight – Dark Chocolate + Almonds + Strawberries + Cinnamon.

Birdie – Dark Chocolate + Hazelnuts + Currants + Maine Sea Salt.

Nutty For You – Dark Chocolate + Crunchy Peanut Butter + Maine Sea Salt.