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frontier-monthly-dec-2016-linkSince 1976, the Frontier Co-op has been bringing exciting flavours to the table; herbs and spices familiar and exotic – produced organically and sustainably.

And the results: good news for us and the environment, and the more robust essential oils in these naturally procured, traditional seasonings, which have been breathing life into cuisine the whole world over for millennia.

We’re featuring Frontier Organic Ground Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Ginger Root; Rubbed Sage Leaf and Whole Vanilla Bean – an essential collection of traditional holiday seasonings that are ideal for both sweet and savory recipes.

Visit There you’ll find a useful How-To-Articles where you’ll learn about spices, herbs, and botanicals and how to use them to enhance your meals. Or, try out some recipes from their collection of Holiday