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Lindo’s Group of Companies announces the launch of $aver the Flavour – Eat Well for Less, a new healthy eating initiative. Lindo’s will work with Government nutritionists every month who will select items that are on special at Lindo’s stores to be featured as part of the new programme.

“The Bermuda government and Lindo’s collaborated on this concept with the intention of highlighting items that promote healthy eating,” said Zach Moniz, Lindo’s Family Foods Manager. “Working with the government nutritionists, the programme will help our shoppers to make nutritious food choices at good value.”

Saver the Flavour - Eat Well For Less-logo

Look for this symbol for savings.

Every month, Lindo’s will send a list of close to 1,000 items that are on special for the month to the nutritionists, who will select a list of items to feature as part of the programme. The selections will be based on nutrition as well as value for money. The selected items will be featured in a special in-store display at both Lindo’s Market in Devonshire and Lindo’s Family Foods in Warwick.  The items will also be highlighted by the $aver the Flavour – Eat Well for Less symbol in our regular advertising.

“We want to help our customers make healthy food choices and take advantage of our special offers. This programme combines the two,” said Mr. Moniz. “It is also a way for shoppers to try new items that they might not normally buy.”

“Good nutrition is so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said the Honourable Jeanne Atherden, JP, MP, Minister of Health, Seniors & Environment. “Finding healthy items that are good value goes a long way in developing healthy eating habits. This programme will offer great alternatives with new ideas every month to keep it interesting. I am happy to see this initiative from Lindo’s and other grocery stores.”