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Packed with Outrageous Flavour!

Living Intentions-Gone Nuts Monthly April 2016-productsUsing their signature sprouting process and the finest ingredients, Living Intentions gives GONE NUTS! Raw & Sprouted Nut Blends explosive, tantalizing flavour and unique crunch.

This month we’re featuring two popular Gone Nuts! blends – Gone Nuts! White Chocolate – a decadent sweet and creamy flavor of raw cashews and sprouted almonds, coated with premium clear agave nectar, coconut powder, cacao butter and mesquite pod meal. Coarse ground cacao nibs are added for an extra chocolate crunch and Gone Nuts! Thai Lemon Curry – Raw cashews, sprouted almonds, and crunchy coconut chips unite with an innovative 15-spice Thai curry blend, accentuating lemongrass, ginger and chilies. Sweetened with coconut palm sugar and an added tang of tart lemon juice… you’re in for a true Thai curry treat.

Living Intentions good stuff

Available at Lindo’s Market Devonshire only.