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Nature’s Path are a major proponent of the organic method of food production and have been honing their skills for decades.

Nature’s Path are a family business and have invested their lives in the pursuit of more healthful production methods for their foods. Their wish is to leave the soil in better shape than they found it in which, we think, is “sustainability” in a nutshell.

Does all this tender, loving care really influence the flavour? Try Nature’s Path Organic Gluten-free Superseeds & Grain and Creamy Coconut Oatmeal and Heritage Cereals and taste the difference.NATURES PATH CEREAL-Monthly MARCH 2016-products

Heritage Flakes: a special blend of ancient grains, including wheat, barley, quinoa, and spelt are lightly sweetened with honey, evaporated cane juice; it also contains 5 grams of fiber.

Superseeds & Grains Gluten-free Oatmeal: Made with gluten-free rolled oats, chia, hemp and buckwheat to boost nutrition, and provide long-lasting energy throughout the day. These super seeds are packed with plant-based protein, fiber & ALA Omegas.

Creamy Coconut Oatmeal: Made with gluten-free rolled oats, chia, hemp, and buckwheat with a deliciously creamy addition of coconut. The coconut palm tree is known as the “tree of life,” and for good reason. Coconuts are a delightful way to nourish your body with great taste and high fiber.