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miyokos-artisan-vegan-cheese-mainVEGAN  ¦  ORGANIC  ¦  NON-DAIRY

The other day, I heard someone say, “I’d go vegan, but I simply can’t give up cheese!” and I realized the challenge can cut both ways: to give up something you love, or to do what Miyoko Creamery have done!

Miyoko has created an array of artisan vegan cheeses with authentic flavours and textures hitherto unknown in anything that didn’t come from the animal kingdom.

So, vegans take heart: this month, we’re featuring Miyoko’s Creamery Garlic Herb, Double Cream Chive and Sharp and Smoked Farmhouse Vegan Cultured Nut Cheeses.- all free of cholesterol, lactose, egg, gluten and soy. Non-GMO product. Available 6.5 oz. size.

Use this vegan cheese like regular cheese – spread on crackers, add to sandwiches, or cook with them – add in sauces, toss with pasta, and more!


miyokos-artisan-vegan-cheese-insetClassic Double Cream Chive
This versatile round packs a buttery, savory, mild herbal garlic flavor.

Aged English Sharp Farmhouse
A hard, aged, sharp round with complex flavors and a long finish that will continue to deepen in flavor and texture as it ages in your refrigerator.

Aged English Smoked Farmhouse
A semi-hard wheel with rich, smoky and sharp tones.

Double Cream Garlic Herb
Buttery and savory, a classic combination of garlic and herbs in a creamy base.

Available at Lindo’s Market Devonshire only.