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madhava-agave-nectar-monthly-jan-2017-linkmadhava-agave-nectar-monthly-jan-2017-productsFavoured by many of those who are reducing the amount of sugar in of their diet, Agave Nectar is a popular alternative sweetener for baking, snacking, making hot drinks; pretty much anything that sugar does.

Ever since 1973 Madhava has harnessed their love of all-natural sweeteners and developed products highlighting the sweetness and appeal of Agave, a perennial succulent plant which grows in the Mexican desert.

This month, you’ll find, featured in our stores, Madhava Organic Amber, Light, and Raw Agave Nectar.

Agave sweetener is roughly 1.5X sweeter than table sugar so you can use less when baking and cooking to achieve the same level of sweetness. It’s also low-glycemic so you metabolize it evenly without any crashes.

Available at Lindo’s Market Devonshire only.