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linwoods-health-foods-jan-monthly-specials-2017-linkWe’re featuring a valuable player in the field of organic superfood production.

Linwoods Healthfoods have been spreading the health for over 50 years, bringing the best organically produced seed, grain and nut products, traditional and innovative.

Much of Linwoods’ passion for food derives from the wonders of flax seed, a celebrated alternative, major source of vital Omega 3 fatty acids, usually sourced from oily fish: good news for vegans.

Try Linwoods Organic Flax Seed, Almond, Brazil Nut, Almond Mix with Co-enzyme Q10.

Dairy-free. Gluten Free. GMO-Free. Vegan. Vegetarian. Add a spoonful to cereal or yogurt, or sprinkle on salad for a nutrient-packed pick me up!