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Kraft Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressings-roasted tomatoes and onions

Roasted Vine-Ripe Tomatoes & Onions – spoon on crusty toasted baguette slices, blend into a soup, or eat just as it is!

These dressings start with the finest cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. Then premium vinegar, herbs and spices are added. Finally, to give each vinaigrette its distinctive fresh flavor, specialty cheese, sun dried tomatoes or real raspberries are mixed in. No expense is spared. And the reason is simple. Because the best salads or marinades are made with the purest ingredients.

Flavourful and versatile, Kraft Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vinaigrettes are a go-to choice for marinating olives, blending with couscous,  dressing salads, roasting vegetables, or spicing up antipasto plates.

Varieties available at Lindo’s: Parmesan Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper, Raspberry, Balsamic, or Italian, in 14 oz. bottles.