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HILARY'S EAT WELL-Monthly MAY 2017-taglineWith summer comes the salad season, and there’s probably no better way to reach that culinary comfort zone: solid nutrition; tons of flavour and a vast variety of ingredients to encourage experimentation in the kitchen.

Where there is salad there is usually dressing, which adds to the creative mix.

Enter Hilary’s Eat Well, who address the issue of additives and potential allergens, while ensuring that flavor is the star of the show.

Try Hilary’s Eat Well Organic Dressings: Balsamic Thyme, Tomato Kalamata, Spicy Island and more! Use them for dressing salads, spreading on veggie burgers, marinating meats or vegetables, or for dipping!

HILARY'S EAT WELL-Monthly MAY 2017-varieties