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Garden of Eatin-Monthly MAY 2016-tagGarden of Eatin-Monthly MAY 2016-tortilla chipsIn the constant quest for a catchy brand name, here’s a company that scored: Garden Of Eatin’!

Garden Of Eatin’ has been making natural, organic tortilla chips for over 35 years and is now the self-proclaimed number one brand in the U.S.

Garden Of Eatin’ works under the Constant Gardener Rules: No preservatives; No synthetic fertilisers or harmful pesticides; No hydrogenated oils or trans fats; and all natural ingredients. Sounds like good eats in the making!

We’re featuring Garden Of Eatin’ All Natural Blue Corn and White Corn Tortilla Chips.

Garden of Eatin-Monthly MAY 2016-recipes

Gather some friends together and sink a few tortilla chips into Layered Black Bean or Veggie Dip – look for these delicious dip recipes on the Garden of Eatins’ recipe page.