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We couldn’t resist sharing this cute idea!  It’s really easy to do, and a great project for kids and adults alike. Apart from making an awesome display for the table, the tortillas are neatly packaged up. Perfect for parties!

You can find an array of clever ideas for decorating clothes pins on the web – from airplanes and dragonflies to animals, fish and fairies. We didn’t see any Gombeys but we’ll bet there’s a few crafty Bermudians who can create a masterful clothes pin replica. Explore and have fun creating today!

You will need:
– cardboard rolls (or you can roll a piece of cardboard into a tube shape)
– heavy solid or patterned wrapping paper
– wooden clothes pins
– paint
– additional decorations of your choice e.g. magnets, wooden cut-outs, buttons, pom poms, fabric, cute erasers or magnets, etc.
– glue (or double-sided tape)
– scissors
– flour tortillas
– fillings of your choice – turkey, peppers, lettuce, cucumber, etc.


  1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit around cardboard tube leaving an inch all around to overlap and tuck into top and bottom of tube. Use a little glue or double-sided tape to close the seam together on the outside of the tube (the tucked in paper should stay in place but you could use a few dabs of glue to secure if necessary).
  2. Paint the clothes pins with any design you like and allow to dry completely.
  3. Adhere any additional decorations to the clothes pins with glue.
  4. Fill a flour tortilla with fixings of your choice, roll, and tuck into cardboard tubes. Clip on the clothes pin, and serve up the fun!