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FANTASTIC WORLD FOODS-Monthly JUNE 2016-pitaWe’re singing the praises of falafels! A traditional favourite in the Middle East and a boon to vegetarians.

Falafels are small fritters made of ground chickpeas, shallow fried, yielding crunchy, savoury morsels perfect for salads and hors d’oeuvres.

Fantastic World Foods has been serving vegetarians for over 30  years, bringing convenience and flavour to your table.

FANTASTIC WORLD FOODS-Monthly JUNE 2016-product2We’re featuring Fantastic World Foods Falafel Mix. Just add water, roll into balls and fry for a versatile, delicious vegetarian snack.

  • Made with garbanzo beans, peas, garden vegetables, and Near Eastern spices
  • All natural, kosher, and vegan; low fat, low sodium, and high in fiber
  • Perfect for kabobs, pitas, veggie burgers, and wraps.