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EO Hair Care and Bath Salts-Monthly AUG 2016-salt soak

Epsom, Himalayan and California sea salts are combined with beautiful blends of essential oils to deliver a truly indulgent aromatherapeutic bathing experience.

Back in 1995, a pair of entrepreneurs, working in their own garage, with essential oils, realized the potential of organically produced body care products.

Now, in a 56,000 sq ft facility, E.O. Products are shipping to millions worldwide.

E.O. Products were the first to follow quality and safety guidelines for organic foods in their production of high-end organic cosmetics and body care products.

We’re featuring E.O. Organic Rose and Chamomille and Keratin Coconut Shampoos and Conditioners; and Lavender and Be Well Bath Salts.

EO® Premium Shampoos are made with nutrient-rich botanical extracts and Pro-Vitamin B5 that promote stronger, healthier hair. Scented with pure essential oils, haiEO Hair Care and Bath Salts-Monthly AUG 2016-hair carer is gently cleansed while your senses are treated to an aromatherapeutic shower experience.

Deeply nourishing and balancing, EO® Premium Conditioners contain blends of vitamins and botanical extracts specially formulated for a variety of hair types.