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BIG TREE FARMS-Cacao-Feb 2017 MonthlyWe’ve seen such an exciting array of new food products coming down the pike these days, especially since the organic revolution began! Big Tree Farms are a perfect example of this healthy trend, raising the bar for purity and sustainability, and bringing forth into the market exotic, nutritious and delicious products made from organically grown coconut and cacao, modern superfoods in their own right.

This month, we’re featuring Big Tree Organic Raw Cacao Butter (Cacao butter is best used for healthy moisturizing – diaper care, to prevent chafing, or to moisturize skin and hair) and Raw Cacao Powder (use to top desserts or in smoothies); and Raw Cacao Nibs (eat as is for an energy snack, add to trail mixes, or top desserts).

BIG TREE FARMS-Cacao-Feb 2017 Monthly-products