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spiny-lobster-linkSpiny Lobsters are found from North Carolina to Brazil, including Bermuda and throughout the Caribbean. Unlike the lobsters found in New England, the Spiny Lobster does not have claws.

In Bermuda, Spiny Lobsters are a delicious delicacy, and residents look forward to the opening of lobster season each September. Most of the meat in a Spiny lobster is found in their tails but with a pair of nutcrackers, you can also find especially tasty meat in the legs and antenna.

Spiny lobster tails are traditionally baked and simply basted with butter, or broiled Thermidor style. The meat is also excellent served cold as a salad or used in Lobster Bisque.

Spiny lobsters are sold commercially to restaurants and grocery stores but you can usually find them at roadside stands at various locations throughout the Island. If you enjoy diving, you can also catch your own as long as you have a license to do so.

The Spiny Lobster species is protected in Bermuda’s waters and there are very strict laws regarding when, and how, they may be caught. A license is required to lobster in Bermuda waters – for both commercial and recreational purposes. Sport divers must obtain a Recreational Lobster Diving and/or Spearfishing License from the Marine Resource section of the Department of Environmental Protection in order to lobster in Bermuda. Beware: failure to adhere to the law can result in heavy fines.

Lobster season is from September 1 to March 31. April through August is closed to lobster catching.

– More Lobster Diving Facts –

The following restrictions apply to lobster diving:

  • Spiny lobsters may not be taken during the closed season of April 1st to August 31st
  • The minimum legal size of the Spiny lobster is 92mm (3.62 inches) carapace length
  • Lobsters must be landed whole
  • Lobster may not be taken when bearing eggs
  • Only a noose / snare may be used to take lobsters; spearing is prohibited
  • SCUBA or any other underwater breathing device may not be used to take lobster
  • Lobster diving is not permitted in certain inshore areas – details are given out with licenses
  • Lobsters taken whilst diving may NOT BE SOLD

For more information about the Spiny Lobster please visit the Ministry of Environment & Planning – Department of Conservation.
For more information on Lobster Licenses visit – Department of Environmental Protection or call 441-236-4201.