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sorbet sherbet and granitas linkSorbet (pronounced sor-bay) is a frozen dessert that is typically made with pureed fruit or sometimes chocolate, wine or liqueur. Whereas ice cream has air whipped into it, sorbet is only stirred, making for a much more dense product. The addition of alcohol, lowers the freezing temperature, resulting in a softer texture. Not only is sorbet a great ice cream alternative, it is also wonderful for dieters watching their fat and calorie intake. Unlike sherbet, which contains milk, egg whites, and sometimes gelatin, a true sorbet is always dairy-free! Sorbet is French for the Persian word “Sherbet”. Restaurants often serve sorbet as palate cleansers between courses. Common sorbet flavors are orange, lemon, raspberry, and mango. More adventurous chefs add unusual ingredients like jalapeño, mint, basil or rosemary for unique and surprising flavour in an ordinarily sweet treat.

Sherbet, often misspelled Sherbert, is actually a Turkish drink made from fruit juices, sugar, and water or ice. However, in the U.S. sherbet commonly refers to a frozen dessert similar to ice cream, and is mostly made of fruit juice and sugar, but also contains milk, egg whites, and/or gelatin. Many Bermudians may remember growing up with Simmons Sherbet! Boy, was it good! Sherbet flavours include: lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry, mixed berry, and rainbow (a mix of flavours). Suggested recipe: Strawberries and Cream Sherbet.

A Granita is a favorite Italian and summertime treat that is tasty and easy to make. Preparation doesn’t require any special equipment, and it can be made with virtually any sweet liquid – juice, diluted Italian soda syrup, soft drinks, etc. Granita is only really different from sorbet in that it has a crunchier texture due to the freezing process. As the liquid freezes, it forms large-size ice crystals, which are not present in a sorbet because of the stirring required during the preparation process. Granita is also often served as a slush-type drink other than a dessert in cup or bowl form, which is why coffee-flavoured granita is popular in cafes and coffeehouses. For a surprising twist, try Honeydew Granita – with its hints of lime and jalapeño kick!

And of course, if you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own sorbet or sherbet, we carry a variety of flavours from Haagen Daz, Blue Bunny, Blue Bell, and locally-made from D&G Products.