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Terra-Plantain Chips-Monthly APRIL 2017Terra-Plantain Chips-Monthly APRIL 2017-productsSalty snacks are immensely popular worldwide and the chip is surely the King of the hill.

Terra Chips have been putting their own spin on the veteran snack for more than twenty years, making healthful, delicious, surprisingly colourful chips, made with organic heirloom veggies. Terra Chips assure us that we’re in for a unique and intriguing snack experience and, that if you haven’t tried Terra Real Vegetable Chips, you’re missing out on something special.

This month, we’re featuring Terra Plantains with Sea Salt and Terra Sweet Plantains Real Vegetable Chips.

Plantains are members of the banana family but are more dense and less sweet. They are considered to be root vegetables in tropical climates, where they are naturally grown, because they are often cooked with other root vegetables. Sweet Plantains are prepared when they are more ripe, so the natural browning that occurs makes them naturally sweet without added sugar.