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PURELY ELIZABETH-Monthly APRIL 2017PURELY ELIZABETH-Monthly APRIL 2017-logoAs you probably know, all organic, gluten-free, environmentally healthy foods have recently exploded into the mainstream, resulting in a better-informed and better-fed population.

Introducing Purely Elizabeth Cereals. The folks at Purely Elizabeth know that good health begins with good eats, loaded with the proper nutrients, and free of artificial preservatives, pesticides and the like. When you eat better, you feel better, it’s that simple.

Try Purely Elizabeth Organic Chocolate-Sea Salt, Blueberry-Hemp, Cranberry-Pecan, Pumpkin-Fig and Original Granolas.

PURELY ELIZABETH-Monthly APRIL 2017-granola

Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola – perfectly crunchy, with a salty-sweet taste.

Perfect for breakfast with milk or yogurt, crumbled on top of ice cream or fruit for a sweet dessert or as a healthy snack by itself.