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We care about building relationships for better health.

Trust us.
All good relationships are built on trust. By providing the most accurate information possible to your pharmacist you can ensure you are receiving the best personalized service you deserve.

Experts in dispensing medications and prescription counseling, you can trust our pharmacists will give you the best advice and care, while maintaining your privacy.

Depend on us.
Our team of pharmacists understands the importance of their role in keeping you and your family healthy.

You can depend on our pharmacists to keep detailed records of your medication history to guard against possible adverse drug reactions or overdoses and to communicate directly with your doctor should they have any concerns about your prescriptions.

Head Pharmacist – Stephanie Simons
Stephanie is Bermudian. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1983 and has been a pharmacist in Bermuda for 18 years. She is friendly and caring and always looks forward to offering professional service to customers at Lindo’s.

Visit our Pharmacy Corner page for timely health related advice and tips.



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