meats-by-linz-cutsmeats-by-linz-link2Meats by Linz is a privately held, family operated meat purveyor specializing in portion cut steaks and chops, and featuring USDA Prime, Angus, and Choice steaks, wet-aged to specifications.

Making the Cut – The Linz Difference
Wet Aged Beef

At Meats by Linz, beef products are hand-selected for wet aging.  Each cut of beef is sealed and vacuum-packed to lock in and enhance flavor by letting the meat’s enzymes break down in its own natural juices.

While most producers use wet aging as a faster alternative to dry aging, we prefer to hold the meat in wet aging for an average of 28-35 days – similar to dry aging time – to ensure an excellent flavor and tenderness.

lha_new_smLinz Heritage Angus Beef
Between the high-quality corn and vegetarian protein diet, superior marbling that is rich and abundant, and the overall flavour profile of Black Angus, Linz Heritage Angus delivers the “Wow” factor!

Look for select cuts at both Lindo’s stores.



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