Island Girls Frozen Cookie Dough
Island Girls Frozen Cookie Dough-tagGet the milk out because we’re welcoming Island Girls cookie dough to our freezer aisles!

Founded by two Bermudian gals, Alicia Resnik and Silvia Darling, Island Girl’s Bermuda Cookie Company, Home Baked Cookies feature frozen cookie dough in unbelievably delicious flavours! Classic Sugar, Butt Kickin’ Peanut Butter, Want More – with caramel, coconut and chocolate chips, Half Hot Ginger, Coco Limon, With the Works – a concoction of oats, quinoa, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and raisins, Hog Wilde About Chocolate, Ms. Alicia’s Chocolate Chip, and Gluten-free Chocolate Chip. All so good, you’d think you made them from scratch yourself.

Loaded with quality ingredients you can see and taste, this dough requires no effort on your part. Take the scoops from the carton, place on your pan, and then bake as directed.

Available at both our stores, Lindo’s Family Foods in Warwick and Lindo’s Market in Devonshire.

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