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HONEST KIDS-Juice-Monthly AUGUST 2017

Summer is with us – the thirsty season! Are you ready for the perennial tug-of-war between thirsty children and health-conscious parents?

We’ve found a solution that’ll make everyone happy: Honest Kids, made by Honest Tea.

Honest Kids beverages are certified organic, G.M.O. and caffeine free thirst quenchers containing far less sugar than most competitors and the tantalizing flavours children go for.

This month, we’re featuring Honest Kids Organic Goodness Grapeness, Superfruit Punch, Cherry Go Round, Berry Good Lemonade, Appley Ever After and Twisted Tropical Punch.

Available in 8 packs/6.75 oz. pouches. Perfect for on-the-go, or packing in lunch boxes.

Honest Kids-Monthly JULY 2017-8 packs