Ishmir Savory
by Ishmir Savory
Vegan Chef & CHC


Making healthy choices while on the go does not have to difficult, whether you work long hours, have a hectic schedule with the kids or are simply travelling on the road or through gateway cities during regular meal times. Yes, resorting to junk foods or sugary treats such as to bag of potato chips loaded with the bad fats, dominant in omega-6 fatty acids can be out of the question! No doubt it may be the quickest thing to resort to, convenient, tasty and hassle free but it is not the best choice for health and wellness. The good news is there are hassle-free, nutrient-dense options.

1. Fresh or Dried Fruit
One of nature’s fast foods with all parts intact! Fresh fruit provides an abundance of nutrients and good dietary fiber. It also a great option for hydration during hot weather. While dried fruits may not be hydrating, they still provide dietary fibers and nutrients. Avoid sulphured and sweetened dried fruits.

2. Nuts & Seeds
Another nutrient dense fast food provided by Mother Nature in its purest form (non-irradiated or pasteurized), is nut and seeds. They provide a great source of protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals. Nuts and seeds provide the body with heart healthy fats that aid the brain and hormone regulation. The goal is to stick with the proper serving size, approximately one ounce or a handful at a time.

3. Water
Avoid soda, sweetened iced teas and most fruit juices that are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. They are all full of empty calories and cause sugar spikes and crashes within the blood. Instead opt for water in non-plastic vessels. A stainless steel water bottle is great investment for carrying your own filtered water. For those who dislike plain water try flavouring the water with a fruit or herb infusion. A simple splash of lemon may be all you need with a little kick from natural sparkling water! Get creative because the variety of infusions are infinite.

4. Healthy Dine Out Options
Since consumer health awareness has increased over the last decade, not all fast food is deep-fried or loaded with unhealthy fats and additives. It is highly likely to find an entrée size fresh salad or plant-based fresh made soup in a food establishment. When choosing to dine in restaurants opt for raw, steamed, roasted, poached or baked foods. When dining out choose establishments that take care in the quality and source of foods they prepare. Look for quality terms such as “fresh”, “free-range” “grass-fed” “heirloom” “local”, “organic” and “wild” on menu listing. Also avoid creamy dishes, ask for condiments on the side to avoid calorie overload and most importantly control your portions!

5. Plan ahead
One of the best ways to ensure healthy eating on a hectic schedule is to plan ahead. Use your free time to plan and prepare meals for later use. Stock up on nutritious on-the-go snacks like fresh fruit, trail mixes, raw vegetable based chips or cracker and nut butters to keep your energy up when busy.

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