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Creative uses for eggshells

Easter is on its way and with it the prospect of sprucing up the home and table with decorations.

Eggs have long been a traditional part of Easter and Spring celebrations whether used on the menu, for egg hunts, or festively dyed and decorated. There’s just so many fun ways you can decorate with eggs!

We’ve put together creative and easy egg decorations for some Easter-inspired decor using eggshells that will fill your home with colour and cheer.
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Herbs in an Eggshell

Head to the nursery for some herb seedlings to make this spring worthy piece. Simply crack top of an egg and remove pieces. Drain whites and yolks into a bowl (you can save for cooking later!). Carefully wash egg under hot running water. Drain and allow to dry. Fill with a little potting soil and one herb seedling. Place in an egg cup for displaying. Decorate cup with ribbon or raffia. You can use after Easter too! Keep in a sunny window and snip herbs when needed in recipes. When the herbs have begun to outgrow their eggshell container, simply plant them, eggshell and all, in the garden!

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Spring Flowers have Sprung

Dye eggs in the colours of your choice. Carefully crack the top of eggshell and remove pieces. Place eggshell in egg cups, fill with water and a variety of spring flowers. Use in clusters throughout your home or use individually for each place setting on your Easter table.

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Baked Right In!

Who says muffins and cakes need to be baked in pans? We love this creative use of eggshells for a baking container, and there’s no dishwashing necessary! Simply fill colourfully dyed eggshells with batter, bake as directed, cool, add a dollop of frosting, and serve!

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Creative Food Containers

Crack top of an egg and remove pieces. Drain whites and yolks into a bowl. Carefully wash egg under hot running water. Drain and allow to dry completely. Note: You can do this step days in advance to save time.

Whisk reserved egg whites and yolks together. Add chopped scallions and chives, and season with salt and pepper. Heat butter or oil over medium-high heat in a large skillet. Add eggs and scramble until eggs are thoroughly cooked. Place clean, dried eggshells in egg cups. Fill with scrambled egg mixture. Top with caviar. Garnish with a sprig of fresh dill, and serve!

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Mood Setting

Use dyed eggshells to hold tealights. The mild translucency of eggshells allows the flame to cast a soft glow to your surroundings. Don’t worry, eggshells can naturally take the heat and the egg cups can catch any wax drips.