Craving something sweet and boozy? Try Ginger Beer Floats! To make the floats, spoon 2 scoops of rum or vanilla ice cream into each glass. Pour a shot of dark rum over the ice cream, top off with ginger beer and garnish with whipped cream. Dark, stormy, and temptingly delicious!

Ginger was among the first spices to be used, along with turmeric, in pre-historic times. From the first century, A.D. ginger was eagerly pursued by traders, who recognized the medicinal values of this ancient root, and the appeal of its unique, zingy flavour.   

And here, in twenty-first-century Bermuda, John Barritt and Son bring us this bold flavour with Barritt’s Ginger Beer: refreshing, spicy, and quintessentially Bermudian – and surprisingly versatile.

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