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Affogato means “drowned” in Italian and this classic Italian dessert is made by simply pouring strong espresso over vanilla gelato or ice cream. You can also add a bit of Frangelico or Amaretto liqueur if you wish. Garnish with whipped cream, shaved chocolate, caramel, pistachios, bittersweet cocoa powder, or cinnamon – any are optional. Experiment with the recipe by using different flavours of gelato or ice cream such as coffee, hazelnut, caramel or chocolate.

Use freshly brewed espresso and gelato or ice cream made with real vanilla beans for the best results.

Makes: 1 serving



1 scoop vanilla bean ice-cream or gelato
1 ounce freshly brewed strong espresso coffee
1 tablespoon Frangelico or Amaretto liqueur, optional
Garnish – shaved chocolate, bittersweet cocoa powder, whipped cream, optional


Place 1 large scoop of the vanilla ice cream in a coffee cup, then pour the espresso on top. Add liqueur, if desired. Garnish with shaved chocoate or cocoa powder, and whipped cream. Serve immediately.

Alternatively you can fill glasses with ice cream and let your guests assemble their Affogato themselves. Serve with individual shot glasses of coffee and Frangelico, and let your guests do the pouring!


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